Question about a single grafted object vs multiple grafted objects

Dear Grasshopper community,

I have 2 Data, in one is set 1 grafted reference point, in another, 2 grafted reference points.
Data1 Data2

someone can please explain to me, why if I move the cursor over the first grafted Data, I see the coordinates of the point ({xx,xx,xx}), and from the second data I see {0;0} (N = 1) / {0;1} (N = 1)?

Is possible to have even for a single point / brep that is shown {0;0} (N = 1)?
I ask this, because another component works with the second case and not with the first.

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Your images are unreadable. Posting a GH file is ALWAYS better.

Hallo Joseph,

Thanks for the interest. (9.5 KB)

One has only a single branch, the other has two branches. Not very interesting.

Yes I know, I would ask if is possible to have {0;0} (N = 1) even for the single branch!!

I ask, why another component need to read the path number, in this case {0} of the single branch

I don’t know what you want? Have you tried the Tree Statistics component?

if the data tree has only 1 branch, then GH displays the content of the branch (and you see the details of the content of that single branch)

if the data tree has more than 1 branch, then GH displays the data structure of the tree
(this is why grafting a tree with a single element will still show just the element itself)

here is a tree with one single element in branch {5}
because there is just a single branch in the whole data structure, it shows the details of the content of that single branch

if more branches are added, even if they are empty, then the data structure is shown:

you can use the Param Viewer component to always have a clear description of you data tree

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Dear Inno,

many thanks for your clear explanation and for your time.