Multiple Branch Data Confusion

Can someone explain to me what’s going on here: (8.7 KB)

what i’m expecting to happen is the slider Branch {0;0} will control what happens to the curve {0;0} … and the {0;1} parts work together as well.

…and that is what happens.

but i’d like to graft the output from the Series component…
when i do that, only the first number coming out of Series will affect curve{0;0} and every other number coming out of Series will be applied to curves at {0;1}…

upon grafting, what i’m assuming should happen is this:

…that all the items starting with {0;0} would be applied to the first group of curves and all the items starting with {0;1} will be applied to the corresponding curves.

so, why is that not the way it works? where is the error in my thinking (if it’s understandable from this post;) )?


i’m on Mac btw… i assuming this isn’t a Mac specific question

Something like this? (9.5 KB)

yes, that does it. thanks.
so you basically have to build a series for each individual curve? (in this particular example)

Why don’t you try another case?

By the way, “Shift Paths” can retrieve the initial data tree structure… (12.1 KB)

hmm… right, i see what it’s doing.

my confusion is more about thinking my original example should be doing what your more explicit example is doing.

like, why is the output from the series only affecting the the {0,0} curves one time? then repeating continually on {0,1} using the data from the {0,0} branch?

Because your curve groups are ordered from right to left, so “0” applied to the rightmost curve and then the rest of the numbers were applied to the left one. That’s called “Data Matching”.

yep, i see that.
it’s just that i don’t understand why and this explanation isn’t really clarifying.

idk, i think i might of presented the question wrong.
thanks for helping.