Query View Elements not showing links


I realized today that the Query Graphical Elements component is not reporting the geometry from the links (as it was doing before). Before, the component returned all the graphical elements from the main file and it added a “Linked” tag to them if they were coming from a link.

Besides, it could also distinguish between hidden and visible links, by not reporting the hidden ones. Now when you activate the Reveal Hidden Elements mode, the links are not getting reported neither. However, with hidden elements from the main file Query Graphical Elements is behaving as expected.

Is there a workaround for this?

If i’m understanding correctly you’ll want to specify the Document using in Query Elements. Linked Elements don’t have a relationship to the View.

Hi @Japhy thanks for your help.

The thing is until recently I was able to use Query Graphical Elements to get the elements from the visible links from a specific view with this workflow. Yes, I know I am self referencing myself :sweat_smile:. The Query Graphical Elements used to report elements from the main file and the visible links in the active view, and on top of this it was reporting the elements from the visible links with the tag “Linked”, so it was very easy to filter them.

But with your solution I would be getting the elements from links that are hidden in the active view. How could I filter them out?

Link 1.rvt (424 KB)
Link 2.rvt (428 KB)
Main file.rvt (440 KB)

Hi @Japhy,

Just for clarification I was talking about the former Query View Elements, that is now called Query Graphical Elements (my mistake :sweat_smile:).

I have checked that the last version where Query View Elements was reporting the links was 1.15.

Query Graphical Elements_05

In this version the component was reporting the linked files visible in the active view. But with version 1.16 and 1.17 Query Graphical Elements does not report the links.

This is the result I was getting with version 1.15. And I can use the workflow I was mentioning before.

While in 1.16 and 1.17 this is what Query Graphical Elements is reporting with the same file:

In case this is a permanent change, is there another alternative for Query View Elements to find the visible links in the active view with the newer versions?

Seeing that is well, not sure if that was housekeeping or removed for a particular reason.

Here’s a solution

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Thank you so much! It works like a charm.

The renaming confused me a little bit, but I will keep in mind that Query Graphical Elements does not report visible links from now on.