Query license info in CloudZoo


How do I query a user license that has already been added in CloudZoo as an issuer?


Hi Sam -

Could you clarify your question? What information is not available on your Rhino Account page?

Hi Wim,

I have issued a license to a user for the plugin that I have developed. I have recently updated the license info through the cloudzoo endpoints, so I just want to double-check the license info from my end.


@aj1 - is this something you can help with?

Hi @wsw.sims,

Unfortunately getting a license as an issuer is not currently possible, although the functionality could be added in the future.

Currently, one workaround is to change the license of an account that you control, so that you can see yourself what changes are being made by your issuer.

If you give me a bit more details on what changes you are hoping to do, I’m happy to guide you as best as possible.

Hi Aj,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I have tried testing it myself and it seems to work. I just want to double check from my end. I could check with the user as well if anything arise. Cheers.