Quasi-Brick pattern wall

I am currently trying to model in Grasshopper a “quasi-brick” and then project the brick onto a surface to create a wall. I would like to ask for suggestion what’s the best way to do it. I was thinking to start with some point in Rhino and then do all the rest in GH.
I have the quasi-brick modeled in Autocad Fusion 360, but I need to create one for a project in GH.
Could you suggest any tutorials/forums to help me achieve these?
I am a student, newbie in GH.
Thank you!!


This is a very broad question so I can’t give you more than a broad answer, but check out the following:

  • the fatten component. search for it on this forum, there’s a good tutorial. It might be able to get you close to the images you posted with an input of a network of lines.

  • weaverbird plug-in (many tutorials on youtube)

  • ngons plug-in (not many tutorials, many examples with the download)

Hi Max, this is great, I just needed something where to start from.
Thank you!