I've tried to make a parametric wall

I’ve tried to make a parametric brick wall but it appears the height is running along the wrong vector and the cull nths haven’t worked properly on my line. Any help in adjusting or insight into how do so would be greatly appreciated.
Parametric wall 1.gh (19.1 KB)
Paramet wall.3dm (47.2 KB)

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There are quite a few examples on the forum of this already, search for parametric brick wall.

yes ive had a look but none explain why and alot of there grasshopper coding is massive made groups unlike me, im very new to rhino so any explanation would be great. the work ive looked at has helped a little bit though

Your loft surface is horizontal (a floor), not vertical (a wall). Use Z vector instead of Y:

Parametric wall_2022Oct26a.gh (14.8 KB)

Many examples on the forum, did you see these from seven years ago?

And something more recent (3 years ago):

I lost Internet for awhile this afternoon so puttered more with your brick wall…

Before I realized why, I noticed two things:

  • The top row of bricks was different than all the other rows.
  • The number of contour curves (32) was different from your ‘No. bricks high’ slider (31).

This had several effects that I compensated for in different ways:

  • Added cyan group to ‘Flip Curves to Same Direction’
  • Used actual number of contour curves instead your slider value.

Later I realized that both of these anomalies can be avoided by adding an ‘x-1’ expression to the ‘F’ input of the Z vector the establishes the height of the wavy loft surface. This makes the surface slightly shorter which prevents the extra contour curve at the top, the only one that needed to be flipped - so the cyan group is no longer necessary.

  • Added a ‘Bricks Per Row’ slider that is separate from the slider used to create the wavy surface.

  • Added the white group ‘Alternative Bricks Per Row’ to calculate a value for each row based on contour curve length.

  • Replaced CullN at the end with Cull Pattern. Each row gets pattern reversed for a staggered brick pattern.

  • Added ‘Collision Detection’ yellow group to tell you when any bricks on each row collide so you can reduce the number of bricks per row.

Parametric wall_2022Oct26b.gh (23.4 KB)

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