Quadrilateral does not shift to the point i have created

Hi all,

I am trying to run an optimisation tool for my project and have been testing out some stuff. I learnt to create a point that i can control its movement within a defined parameter. Using this point, i was able to create a simple rectangle for my experiment.

Now i will like to swap this rectangle with a quadrilateral i have created but i am unable to move the quadrilateral to the point. I think there might be something wrong with the plane/point.

I have attached my project file below. in the image, the quadrilateral is circled in blue and the base point i am trying to attach it to is circled in green.

Test_View OPtimisation GH.gh (67.7 KB)
Test_View Optimisation.3dm (10.3 MB)

Not sure if I’m answering properly, and I don’t have the plug-ins you’re using, so I get errors.

However, if you just want to move the object:

Did you try the ‘move’ component?

It will ask for a translation vector, which can be the vector from the center point of your quadrilateral shape (or any other point…) to the point you’re creating.

You can also look at the ‘orient’ component so you can orient the quadrilateral shape from its own plane, or any plane, to the one you created. There are other case-specific options - to name a couple: using ‘orient direction’ and/or performing a ‘plane alignment’ after a normal orient has been used.