Move points on the same plan


(Adcarldg) #1

Hi everyone

I am trying to move some points in the same plan but keeping them on their lines. I would want to align them in to proceed to a 3D rotation for each of the lines.

Please see below the shotscreen

Does anyone has the solution…

Thank you

(Tim Stark) #2

Upload file

(Amir Touhidi) #3

As Tim said, please upload your files so we can actually help with your specific problem.
In the meantime, have a look at this, it might help. (10.0 KB)

(Adcarldg) #4

Thank you Amir

Here is my file

rotate curve (12.5 KB)

(Amir Touhidi) #5

Here’s my definition pretty much copied & pasted into your file. The only thing I had to add was an align seam component.

rotate curve (21.0 KB)

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Thank you i ve checked your previous file which was helpful too but i was pretty sure there was one component to do that

tanks again

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Sorry i didn t understand your previous message…

I can t see the “align seam” component. Is it a plug in i can download or do we use an other rhino version?

(Adam Mounsey) #8

I think it’s from Pufferfish.