Move points on the same plan

Hi everyone

I am trying to move some points in the same plan but keeping them on their lines. I would want to align them in to proceed to a 3D rotation for each of the lines.

Please see below the shotscreen

Does anyone has the solution…

Thank you

Upload file

As Tim said, please upload your files so we can actually help with your specific problem.
In the meantime, have a look at this, it might help. (10.0 KB)

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Thank you Amir

Here is my file

rotate curve (12.5 KB)

Here’s my definition pretty much copied & pasted into your file. The only thing I had to add was an align seam component.

rotate curve (21.0 KB)

Thank you i ve checked your previous file which was helpful too but i was pretty sure there was one component to do that

tanks again


Sorry i didn t understand your previous message…

I can t see the “align seam” component. Is it a plug in i can download or do we use an other rhino version?

I think it’s from Pufferfish.

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