Move common points of polylines - optimization of a truss

Dear all, I have bumped into an annoying problem. I try to define a planar truss in Rhino, to calculate and then optimalize the form of it, keeping the initial topology. I think I will handle the second part, but I get stucked with the following:

Let’s say, I have defined a truss by using 3 polylines. I would like to have the possibility to move one control point, that affects the polylines as well. Moving the “Control Points” of the “Geometry” would not change the geometry of the polylines.
Sorry for the dumb question…

One way could be to use the ‘Point Deform’ component, which lets you specify the location of a point to move, and a vector to move it by, then applies this to all the coincident points of the input geometry

Thank You, Daniel! I did not find this function earlier! Great!