Quad remesh requirements?

I have tried quad remesh with several meshes containing triangles only and containing quads and triangles. It doe not work for me. Nothing happens after activating the command. Is there any special requirements for the mesh so that it worked? Here is an sample that did nor work.
FAIL QUAD.3dm (93.5 KB)

there are very few triangles. what do you want to do with it? it only has 20 polygons

So you are saying that there is polygon limit requirement?

no. I’m asking what do you expect from it as output. here it “works” I think. If I choose for example 50 polygons and it makes a mesh barely close to the original. I choose 120 polygons, a bit more closer but I don’t understand the point or what do you want to do with that mesh later.

Maybe I do something wrong, I select the mesh and then activate the command…right?

looks like a typical case of garbage in garbage out to me

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you certainly do by not explaining your intentions. instead of having everybody eager to help trying to rip their brains apart a few words from your side would help exponentially.

are you maybe trying to convert it into a subd rather than doing a nonsensical (at least it seems so) conversion of an already very simple object?

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usually if you don’t understand a command, try to activate the command without selecting anything and follow the instructions in the command line and try different options to understand what each option influences.

The quad remesh command is usually used to REcreate a mesh. your very simple mesh is easier converted into quads by “quadrangulateMesh” than to rebuild a mesh from so little mesh faces.

hope that helps

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