Quad Mesh from Quadsurfaces

Hi! I did a reverse engineering in geomagic wrap and the result was a surface modell of the part that consists of many planar quad-surfaces.
I want to create a quadmesh that is a exact copy of that connected quadsurfaces. Each quad should representate one surface - quadremesh is not that what I need - it creates new topoplogy!

planar_surfaces.3dm (152.2 KB)

Very consise, but it works:

DupEdge <select all edges with window-select by mouse> Enter
Invert Hide (not necessary, but isolates the curves to work with)
MeshFromLines SelAll Enter

PS. an STL always consists of triangles, a “Quad STL” is a misnomer.

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THANK YOU !!! It works. The only thing missing with was the command " `MeshFromLines".

fwiw, .OBJ will support quads.