PythonEditor Wish: Double click written command to open help

@wim and @pascal

when I type in python editor I often wish to quickly go the help for that command to see options and read up on the function.

This help automatically pops up once “(” it typed behind the command (“rs.GetObject(” automatically jumps to the help)

And it would be fantastic if doubleclicking a written command would do the same!

Now if I want to quickly show the help I start writing the command again and stops at “(” and read up and then delete what I wrote.



Maybe something that @Alain could include within the current list of improvements.

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That’s a very useful suggestion and it’s been logged

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Great! Thanks!

Additional wishes:

Can you update the filter data for rs.GetObject()?
Having it like you have it in rs.GetObjects() is very handy:
(If wish 2 is fulfilled then this can be a separate link to “See Also”: filters)

| Value Description
| 0 All objects (default)
| 1 Point
| 2 Point cloud
| 4 Curve
| 8 Surface or single-face brep
| 16 Polysurface or multiple-face
| 32 Mesh
| 256 Light
| 512 Annotation
| 4096 Instance or block reference
| 8192 Text dot object
| 16384 Grip object
| 32768 Detail
| 65536 Hatch
| 131072 Morph control
| 134217728 Cage
| 268435456 Phantom
| 536870912 Clipping plane
| 1073741824 Extrusion

Being able to click on the “see also” examples would be REALLY nice:

And remove the “|” in front of the info so we quickly can copy an entire example and paste it into a script. Now if I use the example from the window I have to manually remove this for every line, and that is tedious :slight_smile:

The ability to drag a command from the menu into the script would also be sweet, with all the settings with it:

(I don’t want it to fill in rs. or rhinoscriptcontext. since these are script sensitive, just the command with examples IF dragged in, like in the image above)



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