Python version of RhinoInside ETO App?


I’ve been very interested in your sample of RhinoInside a WPF:

I’ve also seen the sample code on Git Hub for an RhinoInside ETO App.

I don’t currently have Visual Studio installed and VS Code wasn’t playing ball with being able to compile/run these samples.

Truth be told I’ve got zero experience with C#, but can be somewhat productive (dangerous?) with Python.

Would it be possible to see a version of the ETO App in Python to kick off the project I’m trying to start?



Whew, that’s a bit of work. I’m not going to be able to get to this any time soon, but feel free to make a request for this on our github issues list. Maybe someone else will make a sample

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Thanks Steve, will do - tho that project has taken a back seat in the last week or so - back onto it soon.