Language for a beginner wishing extend UI Rh and Gh

I would like to make simple panels with standard checkbox, button, etc …

I know PHP, NodeJs and i write little in C, but I do not know the .Net framework and i just started with python.

I think the best choice for me is Python and Eto but I have questions about it with Rhino 6

  • RhPython and GhPython can now write plugins ? (Yes, I found)
  • Can they access all Rh and Gh components in .Net SDK ?
  • Is it recommended to use Eto than Winforms?
  • Do you advise me to learn .NET?

To understand what I need to access is an example:

My panel must be a wrapper around commands.
Then, depending on the options chosen, execute the appropriate command or the function of the SDK

For panel UI, I would recommend creating a plugin with C# and usin Eto to define the user interface. Panels are pretty difficult to implement in python.

thank you Steve.
Also, I have searched for it and Visual Studio gives a valuable help for writing

These guides might be helpful…

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