Rhino Plugin + Eto Searching for example


I would like to ask if there is an example file or github reference how to use Eto in Visual Studio (C#) for Rhino plugin?

I basically want to open a “form” , do some operations via sliders and drop-down menus and then press “ok” to execute.

Just to be sure, when writing a rhino plugin on Visual Studio on Windows using Eto, will plugin work both on Windows and Mac?

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Hi Petras,

Here is a plug-in sample that works with the WIP:



– Dale

Thank you very much:)

Maybe you have time to answer this issue:

Is it possible to use this example on Mac version as well?

I’m getting missing reference errors when I try to build it on Mac. Below is one of them;

/mcneel/rhino-developer-samples/rhinocommon/cs/SampleCsEto/Views/SampleCsEtoPanel.cs(55,55): Error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'ShowPanelReason' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference? (CS0246) (SampleCsEto)

I think that some of the examples might be using API introduced in Rhino 6. To be able to use that on the Mac you may have to wait until we’re ready with Rhino 6 for Mac for public consumption.

That said, maybe @dale knows some tricks to get this to work on the currently available Rhino for Mac, version 5.


Hi @caglaraydin,

Panel support for Eto is not available in Rhino 5 for Mac. It will be, however, available in Rhino 6 for Mac.

– Dale

Hi @dale,

Is it available on Mac WIP 5?
Do you have a release date for Mac WIP 6?


Sorry, no.

Again, no we don’t. But I think we’re getting close…

– Dale

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Currently embarking on C#, Visual Studio Plugin development and wanted to POC the possibility of using Eto Forms for plugin UI but it looks like the Github example link mentioned by @dale above is dead.

Are there any good sample plugins (C#, VS 2015) using Eto UI anywhere?


Old branch being referenced there. You need

Yep, exactly what I was looking for - thanks.
PS: Have to admit that I’ve already downloaded the solution and had it open in another window all along :slight_smile:

Hi @nathanletwory,

Do you have link to any Python examples using Eto?


found them