Python recursive function

Hello everyone

I have a small question related to Python scripting in ShapeDiver.
Are recursive functions accepted?
Because I tried several times to upload my GH definition.
But I have no feedback and my definition does not appear in the pending tab.
Does anyone have an idea on this subject?

thank you in advance

What do you call a recursive function? If your Python script manipulates the state of the definition and/or saves the state between several computations (for example incrementing a variable…) then that behaviour is not compatible with ShapeDiver and your script was denied for this reason probably.

What do you mean that you did not have feedback? If your script was denied, you should have received an email informing you about the status.

If you would like help finding a workaround, please explain your goal and I might be able to suggest an alternative.

Hello Mathieu

Indeed my Python script is composed of a function which calls itself with a Global variable (variable modified at each call). I thought otherwise to use a loop but, I imagine that it is not possible either. Regarding feedback, reading your answer, I understand that the problem comes from my mailbox.
I’ll think about another way to build.


What would be a real life example of recursion?