Python and C# scripting in Shapediver

Hey there,

I have a question for Python- and C# - scripting:

Does each model with any script has to been checked when uploaded to Shapediver or only when it includes some specific code or settings or something? I think scripting is very useful in GH but if the models always have to be checked when uploaded, scripting is not very useful anymore in Shapediver…

So, is it just me or is there really no way around checking the scripts every time?

Thanks for the help!

Every Python or C# script from any user has to be checked for security reasons. However, once the script is approved the next uploads will skip this step and will be processed faster, read more on this Documentation page.

The way around this is an Enterprise account which provides maximum flexibility and dedicated servers. If this sounds like what you need, let our sales team know via the contact form at

Okay thank you for the fast response!