[Python] Possible to Import Pillow?

I’ve searched the forum but have been unable to find a definitive answer to this question: Is it possible to use Pillow / PIL in Rhino’s IronPython environment?

(I need to composite views rendered in Rhino with other, existing images containing alpha masks. This process does not need to be live in the viewport, NRT and saved to disk would be acceptable.)

I don’t think so, but would be happy to be proved wrong. Can you install CPython alongside and run it externally?

Yes, running externally is an option, but of course not preferred. I just looked up NumPy on this forum, and it’s not supported by IronPython, so I am assuming Pillow is not, either.

So, to the next question: Is there a way to do relatively simple image compositing (overlay one image over another, masked with an alpha) with code that Rhino python does have direct access to?

I had some success with Magic.NET:


Thank you-- looks quite promising.

Magick.NET github repo