Python modules?


If i install Pillow on my computer, will i be able to call the library in GH2-Python ?

Grasshopper2 does not have scripting components yet. I assume the new CPython 3 component in Rhino 8 Grasshopper will be ported at some point (i.e. named Script), which will likely be able to import Pillow.

@AndersDeleuran this sounds interesting!

So if I understood you correctly:

GH2 in Rhin8 will have a CPython3 component able to pick up any Python module installed.

I’m not sure if @DavidRutten and @eirannejad have confirmed it, but I would assume so.

imagine the possibilities with all those tools at hand…

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There are already some ways available in Rhino 7, to support Cpython library in GH/Rhino
If you are really on a tight schedule, you can try google them.

nah, I was mostly looking forwards for some … serious fun.

and curious about the development.

I recommend this one for serious fun.
Instead of using cpython library in Rhino.
I choose to use Rhino library in Pycharm.

nah, this is more about doing stuff in Rhino.