Research of psychogeographic grids

Hello! I ask you to help me in the research part in the topic of studying parametric or as I also call them behavioral (psychogeographic) grids on the ground: can anyone send links to Internet resources or scientific articles, dissertations, to read more about the pinching and transformation of such grids on a topographic map?

Please understand correctly - I just need to explain all the stages of transformations and understand what these changes in geometry will lead to. This is one of the grids that I collected using various algorithms from the Grasshopper forums and so far for me it’s just a search combinatorial system for composing a plot plan, and the teachers need arguments for this grid and I still, unfortunately, do not have them.

If I’m not mistaken this is an edge bundling simulation, commonly also called wooly paths. It kinda forms a minimal path network between different connected points. There’s lots of material about this here and on the internet.