Put Text in Shapes / rotate text


(Andy Vanmater) #1

I’m trying to create a custom graph where the Y axis has the value and the x axis is a percetage of the total area.
I’d like to have the name of the program inside the shape, and hopefully vertical. i’ve tried using absolute positoin and getting text on top but I’ve not had luck. Is this possible?

(Andrew Heumann) #3

Theres no native way in human UI to rotate text. With some tricky xaml and a grid to overlay the two you can kind of make it work. Not the most intuitive however…

Vertical Text on Bar Graph.gh (18.0 KB)

(Andy Vanmater) #4

I agree but I really appreciate the attempt. I was reading some of your stuff about display conduit and I’m curious if Human UI was a reaction to the difficulty you had rendering to the viewport directly? I started to mess with it and was quickly shut down by the cumbersome amount of code it takes to get something that performs consistently. Is text rotation on the docket for Human UI2? I would also love it if you could treat shapes like text boxes similar to Adobe Illustrator but I know that’s a much taller ask…

(Andrew Heumann) #5

human ui served a bit of a different purpose. I agree display conduit drawing is cumbersome and imperfect.
I haven’t gotten anywhere close enough with HUI 2 to even think about text rotation…