Push Pull and inset - New features for v8

New video introducing Push pull modeling and the inset command new for v8!


Great video, as usual Kyle!

One thing I wondered about: When you were showing how to inset the interior of the letters in “Rhino” you set the depth for the “R” and then step-by-step did the remaining letters individually. Is there no way to select all the interior faces of the remaining letters together? Perhaps the selection filter needs to have a way to capture just the inset faces with a window select? Or if that’s logically impossible at least allow a cntl-click additive selection to preselect all the regions in all the letters?

In fact, again using the “Rhino” and going back to the original step of setting the size of the inset region, wouldn’t it be even more useful to be able to preselect all the letters so that as the dynamic preview is adjusted the user can see the affect on ALL the letters simultaneously to get it right for the whole word? And possibly retain the selection for subsequent operations? Once this capability is available it would not be limited to letters but would be useful for a lot of things: eg the multiple segments of your fancy ball.

i love this. finally sketchup like modelling on steroids BUT i noticed it was super laggy when dealing just with little bit of complicated shapes. will this be optimized? another thing will we get merge copla ar faces to recognize single curvature fscres and join them?

I like the command but for ym mind the command name and it image are contradictory.

Rhino pull / push



Push / pull mirrored image.

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Send us examples and your systeminfo, we are interested in any issues you are having.

At the moment, you cannot select regions of objects other than the one you are working on.

i mean in your video it looked laggy :grinning:

One of the uglyest icon in the history of UI.
I’m sure isn’t simple to create an icon for such feature but this is unbeatable bad.
Still I love the fact this is now possible.

at least you’ll remember it… :wink:

hi Kyle, it s wonderful that rhino implemented that command, it is a gamechanger … i have some suggestions for you to extend the abilities of the tool and the overall workflow. please watch the video on youtube the plugin for sctechup Curic DIO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SpC0cgxB5U&t=784s and also Curic OI - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqgod1pukJ8. It somethin that helps you extremley to pull/rotate lines from the edges of a volume, which makes you not forced to use the inset and after hat delete lines on the face, also to make doublelines and exact distance from the edge … but click and you will see it

can you point out more precisely what you are referring to in those videos? Or mention where in the video?

hmmm, ok i think the rhino-way would be: duplicate edge, after that to drag it or rotate it on the face. and if it is shorter to extend it to fit my purpose. and after all that i can push/pull my faces … ;-)))
so the only thing that could be improved would be, if I copy face edge, this edge to follow the shapes borders, but it could be easily extended ... sorry maybe its all good as it is ;-))) just need to get used to it