Purlin connection

i try to create roof purlin but i face some problem that connection dosen’t create for all purlin and another connection just connect with one purlin not two how i can solve that i try so much

Hard to tell without additional info. Can you post your definition? Internalize data or post support files if possible. Thanks.

here is script i clean it and upload so how i can create connection correct

Purlin Connection.gh (18.0 KB)

need the curves internalised separate or rhino geometry internalised

Hi, here’s an example definition with a few different connection scenarios:

One of them should hopefully apply in your case (but would need internalized input data to verify that).


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Usefull examples Sebastian, thanks for your suppport.

But, if we dont have continuous purlins, as it´s my case, it´s imposible to get any nice solution.

I´ve tried your 5 soulution for the problem, but no solution.
Any advice from you?

Best regards.

Hi Jose,

The solution will depend on how your rafters and purlins are grouped within the data trees, so might not be able to give a general solution. However here’s another example that you can take a look at:

PurlinConnections.gh (25.9 KB)




Right Sebastian.

Understood. I`ve already got the same solution. But, the problem arises when you have to use one single connection (defined into tekla) with 2 purlins and the rafter. For example, Connection (1) Cold Rolled Lap.
In this case, I´m not able to find the propper way to set data trees.

Anyway, a pleasure to read you.

U r wellcome!!

Alright I see. Here’s one way to do that with the same setup as in the first example, utilizing the Relative Item component to pair up consecutive purlins (in other cases you could be using Shift List and Merge for this, as for the rafters in the first example). Then measure the number of pairs and duplicate the rafters so that each pair has its own copy.

PurlinConnections.gh (50.1 KB)



Thanks a lot, Sebastian. Sometimes I cant see the wood for the trees… :grimacing:

Just reordering the data tree as you indicated…and…Voilaaa…!!-

I do owe you something Sebastian!

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Pun intended right :sweat_smile: But indeed, managing data trees is one of the trickiest and most valuable skills to learn in GH.



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