Tekla Beam to Column Connection using Grasshopper

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I am trying to apply a connection between a beam and a column. At some points, I have successfully applied the Tekla connection 141, but as shown in the screenshot below, I am unable to add the same or a different connection at the opposite end of the beam with another column. Could someone please guide me on what I might be missing or doing wrong?

rahul pardeshi.

no code
from the screen shot i understand u have flatten all the main part and sec part u need to fix them based on your model

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Thank you for your response. So far, I have managed to apply all connections at each node, including the base plate connection to the column. However, if I have made any mistakes or if there is a more correct way to do this, please advise

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Rahul Pardeshi.

column and base plate will work if you flatten it cos 4 column and 4 base plate there data will match

when it comes to beam to column u need to create modify the data tree flatten wont help here
see the sketch

here u can repeat column 2 times and solve it (u need to pair the beams too )

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Thanks for the response.

You’re correct; I need to create a separate group combination in which one column and two connected beams will come together as a group. Can you please guide me on how to achieve this?

please post the code so we dont have to do all rework agian

col to beam.gh (13.0 KB)

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Thank you so much. I previously misunderstood what you meant by ‘posting the code,’ but now I realize that you were referring to my .gh file. I’m new to Grasshopper, and I’ve made some changes to my code based on your advice, but I’m still having trouble achieving the beam to column connection. Could you please review my code file? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Beam-to-Column-RP.gh (16.6 KB)

in the points empty data are to be removed
the column order to be followed for beam connection
and realtered to match for the second connection

Beam-to-Column-RP_RevA.gh (17.1 KB)

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Beam-to-Column-RP1.gh (18.1 KB)

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thanks you for the response.
I have tried this example and I understand it. Now, I have one more question: If I have ‘n’ number of beams and ‘n’ number of columns, how can I control the pairing mechanism?

u need write a separate code for it like each column connecting with which beams u need to list them in group and apply code
there are some samples in the tekla forum too

Hello Rahul
here is two methods to do it u can find the code or script in the attachments
this works only in column to beam connection
for beam to beam connection u need to adopt different method

Beam-to-Column-RP2.gh (29.3 KB)

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