Purging unused Reference Blocks

I am working in a Master File that calls multiple other files as entire blocks. These called files have their own embedded blocks (made from objects). I can see these embedded blocks in the Master File’s block manager, listed as reference blocks.

I just updated one of these called files, and deleted one of the embedded blocks, and saved. I then updated this file in the Master File’s block manager, expecting the reference block to disappear, but it hasn’t. There are no instances of it in the Master File or the inserted file anymore, yet the master file retains the reference block.

Is there any way to clear this reference block out of the Master File?

@scottd, is this an example of what you mentioned to me the other day?


I am not sure. The problem I had is that Purge did not purge everything. In this case, I am still not sure Purge has been used yet.

Right… @MrAnderson - did you use the Purge command to get rid of unused block definitions?


Yes, forgot to mention that, and it didn’t eliminate it.

However, I just reopened the Master file to run Purge again to be sure. Ran Purge, and again purge said it eliminated 0 unused block definitions. Went into Block Manager again, though, and now the one I wanted gone, is gone.

So it seems like saving after using Purge previously, closing and restarting fixed it…?

Yep, that could be- BlockManager may not be updating correctly until the file is closed and reopened. I’ll try to reproduce this here.