Pulling a Surface on to a Mesh

Is there any way to do this in Rhino 7? I know you can project or pull curves and points, but is there a way to do this for surfaces? The ability to snap to the stl mesh was key functionality with the VSR plugin that was killed off by AD and was subsequently unsupported after Rhino V5. Would love have this for reverse engineering.

Hi All - I believe I got the answer I needed from another member’s work in the forum. Thanks to @Rhino_Bulgaria (Bobi). If you haven’t checked this guy’s surfacing skills - please do, it’s amazing.

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maybe you can reference the topic you found help in, for others with the same question now finding your empty topic.

I believe it’s this topic where I showed one simple way to pull a surface onto a mesh, though that approach is not 100% accurate since the control points snap to the 3d mesh rather than the surface itself. That means that while the 4 corners of the surface accurately snap to the mesh, the majority of the surface will appear slightly off the rounded 3d mesh surface, so all the remaining control points should be moved in the normal direction by a certain amount (I prefer to use the “MoveUVN” tool for that, or the Gumball while its “Aling to object” mode is active).

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Another way to do this is to make a surface with the structure you like then use Patch with this surface as a starting surface - Pull set to zero. Patch some subset of mesh vertcies that makes sense to cover:

PatchMesh.3dm (707.2 KB)




Thanks for the advice!

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