Modeling ontop of a mesh surface

Hi guys is it posible to import a mesh in rhino and model new geometry ontop of it

Yes… with certain limitations. Rhino is primarily a NURBS modeler, although it has some mesh tools. NURBS and mesh cannot be combined directly. So a workflow might be to model the additional parts in NURBS, then convert to mesh to add to the existing object. The “adding to the existing object” is the hardest step, as it requires some editing of the original mesh with Rhino’s limited mesh toolset.


Well its not what i want,i want to import a mesh then remodel it in nurbs

You can certainly do that…

But on top of the meshes surface so i have reference. Any videos available?

Not that I know of… Attached below is an older PDF on reverse engineering, the second half covers remodeling a simple mesh object into NURBS.

HTH, --Mitch

ScanCleanupRemodel.pdf (586.6 KB)

This is really helpful! Thanks helvet

And there’s this:


Perfect! This workflow is amazing

You can also try Mesh2Surface

wow. long time but thanks!

Is there not a ‘shrink wrap a mesh’ command that will ignore any minute gaps, or not so minute, and bridge them with the shrink wrap ?

I will be looking to convert meshes of 6cm tall model figures to surfaces and need a simple shrink wrap surface, I dont want to have to start editing / creating surfaces as given the complexity of the human form, clothing folds, fingers, faces, and a lot more, it will get prohibitive…

Can I in fact create a scene with both surfaces and meshes and export the whole lot as stl ?


Rhino does not have such a function, some other programs do - I think maybe even Blender (free).



I’m not sure if it’s covered in the earlier links but there is a command which allows snapping to the surface of a mesh without selecting vertices and points which aren’t visible to the camera.

I’ve used it to remodel some scans of some geodes for a client… But I can’t remember what it was.

It makes it much easier to work with a mesh - if you’re trying to create flat surfaces, using that command and 3pt planes works really well. Just extend the surfaces and trim as you go.


That would be _CullControlPolygon… --Mitch

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