"Pulldown" returns "keys" instead of "values"

…unlike the “ListBox” component which does what I expect it to do :

it’s the pull-down that’s doing the right thing, not the list box. Only pull-down supports “magic” connection to a value list (automatically retrieving the entire list of values) - that list box you’re creating only has one item in it (the single value coming out of the value list)

neither component is aware of “keys” or “values” - they’re just lists of data. if you want to retrieve one or the other try “Get List Data” from metahopper to extract the keys and values as lists.

Ok, I get it. I thought that “Pulldown” and “List Box” were MEANT to receive a “Value List” component.
In fact, they just need a simple list.
I never used the “List Box” since it takes-up so much space in the interface, so I never realized that it didn’t work with a “Value list” component as an input.

Thanks Andrew.

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