Save Element States with Pulldown Menu

Whenever I connect a “Create Pulldown Menu” component to “Save Element States” component, saving states doesn’t seem to work. In this attached example, clicking button makes “Save Element States” component red while list box component doesn’t. Is this a known issue? “Create List Box” component works, so there’s a backup at least. Before I replace all pulldown menu components with list box components in my Grasshopper file, I want to check first here, if this can be fixed. It’s great that this great plugin keeps getting supportsSave Element|attachment (5.8 KB)

Just for those who are looking for a solution to this issue, I found that a pulldown menu component included in Decoupled UI Elements doesn’t create errors.

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Excellent detective work. The Pulldown component changed in a relatively recent release and is no longer compatible with the Save State component. The reason the Pulldown component in Decoupled UI Elements works is that it is the older version. I will note this issue and submit a fix at some point in the future, but for now this is the correct workaround for this issue. Thanks for posting!


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