Can a Value List only output numbers?


I have a quick question! Can a Value List only output numbers (floats, integers)?
When I set a value to a string it outputs null for that Key/Name (even when I set the text without double quotes)!

Is this standard behaviour or a bug in the macOS version?


On Windows one can define and output strings:

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Thanks for reporting it! I’ve added it to our bugtrack list:

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@Bernat, another curiosity is that pre-configured Value Lists, stemming from Windows, output strings on macOS. Adding a new string to these Value Lists also breaks the component.

Have you tried using only the labels when editing the Value List?


When I do that in Windows 10, Grasshopper apparently adds the = “label” on its own. Maybe the typed quote character isn’t being handled correctly on the Mac?


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Indeed, when I only add the labels the string output works. Weird!

Hey @diff-arch,

Thanks for reporting the issue. This is most likely because the double quotes are being replaced with surrounding double quotes. “Hello” vs. "Hello". The control itself can and should disable this, which I’ll fix up.

In the meantime, you can fix this by going to System Preferences > Keyboard and unchecking “Use smart quotes and dashes”, then re-typing the quotes.

Hope this helps!

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Could be that this is also an issue, but it also happens without double quotes.

I don’t think so; this does not work on Windows either. Double quotes are required for text values it seems.

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