Pull SubD vertices

I am trying to pull some SubD vertices to a SubD plane using the Pull command to remove some dimples from a portion of a SubD surface that I want absolutely flat. It does not seem to be working. Even though it says, for instance, “Pulled 2 out of 2 vertices” in the Command window, nothing appears to have happened.

The Project command does not appear to work with SubD either. (If you leave the command option DeleteInput=No for either the Pull or the Project command, it duplicates the SubD object.)

I wouldn’t mind suggestions for another workflow to remove dimples from either flat or curved surfaces.


The SetPt command works fairly well instead of Pull for the flat surface with the CPlane set to the surface, Set Z checked and the Align to CPlane radio button set.

Hi @dalecutler669 , It depends on the shape of the SubD around the area you’re trying to straighten which gives you better result. You can try these:

  1. Run _PointsOn to turn on SubD control points and use _Pull on them. That gives smoother transition to the straightened area (the portion that you pull to the plane).
  2. Run _EditPtOn to turn on SubD surface points and use _Pull on them. This is more accurate if the pulling object has curvature.
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Thanks for getting back to me… I haven’t had a chance to get back to Rhino. Yes, I will try turning points on the old way – I was using the new filter box brought up using the SubD filter tool, and that was not working with the Pull command, per my description, so that may be a bug.