Getting bending strip closer to initial geometry - retain initial boundaries


I am trying to simulate the bending of a strip and get it close to my initial geometry. I have designed two curves, done a developable loft between them (surface A), then unrolled it, then tesselated it for the Kangaroo simulation (surface B). I want to predict its bending ability, since this will be a physical model. My strip is supposed to be 6mm birch ply.

I have anchored all the points between the two surfaces, where points of B try to reach points of A. Having a big anchor strength value for the points of the short naked edges ensures that A and B have the same ends. For the points between those, I have set a relatively low strength, trying to let it act kind of naturally and converge at a shape that is possible to be fabricated.

The problem here is that, as you can see in the screenshot, the surface B points of the long naked edges don’t have the same X and Y values that surface A points have and it looks like the surface has been locally stretched at some areas. Is there a way to run the simulation and have the same footprint from top view between surfaces A and B?

Thank you,
bending simulation within initial (55.2 KB)