Pull in panelingtools doesn't work!(morph3D List)

1-pull in panelingtools dosesnot work!(Morph3D List)
When the pull is true, nothing happens
Is this a bug?

2-why Morph3DMean doesn’t Work for me?
please Help Me!

MORPH3dList.gh (299.1 KB)


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Looks like a bug. It works as expected when I bake the grid and surfaces and run ptPanel3DCustom. I’ll investigate the GH bug.

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for reply
What is the problem with morph3dMean?

You have 2 different topologies for your start and end modules. You cannot calculate a mean variation between them. I changed quickly to a mesh and it worked. BTW, if your bounding box is the same as your module, you do not need to input anything)

ok actually works like tween and the objects must be mesh?
And does the pull option here[in Motph3DMean] not have a bug and does it work properly ??

You can use surfaces as well, but not polysurfaces (unless you input each corresponding pair of surfaces from the polysurface, but it might not stitch well after deformation).
f you use surfaces, they have to have same NURBS structure (mean variation is created between control points of the 2 surfaces). Best to start with one module, copy, then modify control points to create end module.
Meshes do not pull smooth (edges always straight).

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Thanks for your full explanation

Will this bug be fixed in the next panelingtools update? and when do you think this update will be done ?because I need this pull feature! in gh parametric file


@architect.civil5 The bug will be fixed in the next release of PanelingTools, it has priority on my list and I’m looking into it. Will keep you posted.


Please download and install the latest PanelingTools using the PackageManger in Rhino WIP (version 7/6/2020).The fix for ptMorph3DList is included. Let me know if it works as expected.

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Yes @rajaa , everything looks good and the pull works. Thank you for following up

MORPH3dList-new vr.gh (184.0 KB)

but why? this version- (version 7/6/2020) doesn’t install in {Testpackagemanager}rhino 6.28

The latest is for Rhino 7.
From what I know, the package manager shows the latest comparable version, and this would be the one to install.