3D morph mean component

Hi @rajaamoprh 3dmean example.3dm (164.5 KB) morph 3d mean.gh (6.5 KB) ,

I hope you are doing well!

I have a question for you, regarding the 3D morph mean component. I cant manage to make it work, can you plase take a look at my definition? I attach the files. Many thanks for your help!


In general you cannot use mean morphing between 2 polysurfaces. Even when morph between 2 meshes, there is a strict requirement to have the exact same topology (same number of faces in the exact same order). Usually, you use to create the start module, copy, then transform to create the end module.
If you need to use 2 different typologies between start and end, like in your example, then you need to create a “list” of modules and use the “Morph 3D List” component.

Here are a couple examples to use the Mean and List.
morph 3d mean_RI.gh (117.0 KB)

Hi Rajaa!

Using the same topology actually works better for me. Thank you so much for your input!