ptMorph3DMap Crashes Rhino 6, also can't handle flattened lists + smooth morphing simultaneously?

I’m trying to work out the appropriate list formatting for the PO input to the ptMorph3DMap function. It’s crashing instead. Attaching here a very simple file that seems to crash Rhino with 100% consistency. Grafting/ungrafting the PO intput into the ptMorph3DMap function in my document will crash Rhino every time for me, usually on the first attempt but certainly within the first few. What’s going on here?

Additionally, and maybe this is related - in other experiments, it doesn’t seem like the Smooth Morphing function works with flattened grids? On either the ptMorph3DMap function with the Flatten flag set true, or the ptMorph3D function which you feed a set of grids which has been through the ptFlatten3D function, both morph functions throw up the warning “1. Failed to create surfaces from grid. Morphing will not be smooth.”. Is there a workaround for this? Being unable to do smooth morphing for the ptMorph3DMap function limits its functionality significantly and seems like not the intended behavior.

Any help on these issues would be appreciated.

PT Crasher (16.4 KB)

I see the problem and I’m looking into the details.

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These issues are now fixed in PanelingTools for Rhino WIP. They should show in the next release.

Excellent. Thank you!