Pull a curve to the back of a surface

The Pull command has the “Loose” option which allows to pull curve edit points to the back of a surface. This is very helpful in case a curve goes partly beyond (its edit point lay at the backside) the surface pulls the curve. If I should implement the pulling in the grasshopper there is the Pull component for which the “Loose” option is absent and as a result, the Pull component doesn’t work (pulls only part of the curve and loses the rest), apparently it pulls solely toward the front side of the surface and misses the edit points beyond the surface.
If to use the PullCurve by Python component it also doesn’t help much. It pulls a whole curve onto a surface but as the output, we don’t get the entire curve on the surface but a lot of separate segments which intersect each other.
So is there a solution to implement the “Loose” option in grasshopper?

Have tried this script - doesn’t work seems outdated

reparametrizing the surface looks like solving the issue (for some reason I’m not aware of)

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What is that? Why the reparametrization does help? Thank you! I really confused how it could help :open_mouth:

Okay, it does help since this way the default rhino tolerance somewhat changes

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oh, that’s interesting :+1: and I’d like to know more