Will using a tool in the Transform Tab help pull out corner?


I made this shape in Grasshopper and want to pull the point in the image attached out a little to make it more like that shape. I was wondering if there was a way to do this in grasshopper or after it is baked in rhino. If anyone has any tips that would be Awesome! I feel like it would have something to do with the transform tab. I have also attachedperfect model.gh (35.8 KB)

the grasshopper file it. it is the bottom one on the grasshopper file. Thank You!

Something like this? If I understood you correctly, you just wanted the point and whatever curves were attached to it moved.

perfect model-b.gh (35.0 KB)

yes! so when you attach the points did you just use assign one point an assign it to that corner?

I needed to find that vertex, There are other ways of doing it, but I eyeballed it and placed a point near your corner. Closest Point then gave me the index of your point.

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oh ok I see and then to recreate that surface you just attach it to that brep. what does weld do? sorry If im asking too many questions I just want to learn so I can do it again.

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Before a mesh is welded, each mesh face has its own set of vertices, so if three faces meet at a point, there could really be three points at that node. Weld gets rid of the extra points.