Pufferfish tween distance not consistent after factoring it

I have this building that utilizes Consecutive Tweens tool from Pufferfish to create a different shape building. The distance between the tweens I thought was divided evenly; however, as I approach the middle of the building where the second polygon is, the distances changes slightly. How can I adjust the distance between the tweens so that they have a consistent 4 - 5m distance?

UoS - CW GH.gh (20.3 KB)

In the image you can see that the numbers in the panes are different. These are coming from the tweens. I want to have a set distance of 4 - 5m that I can adjust the floor height. What is causing this discrepency?

Thank you

Simple, you are inputting 3 points, and then making polygon at each point and then using tween consecutive which tweens from A to B and B to C simultaneously.

The issue is your points, point A and B are 240 units apart and points B and C are 250 units apart. So, spacing between A and B will be different than spacing between B and C. You are giving 53 factors to tween and so it is using those factors for both A>B and B>C which have different distances.

subtract 1 from 53 to accommodate factor 0 = 52 divisions.


and there are your two numbers (any other minor discrepancy in the decimals from like 3rd place on would be due to usual precision errors, rounding and tolerances)

You could use Tween Through Curves to use one number to tween through all (maybe 53*2), but then you likely wont land on point B exactly but all spacings from A through to C will be equal. Or, do as you are but make ABC all have same distance between each other.