Setting distances between Tweens set by Polygons with Pufferfish

Hello, I am trying to create floor levels for a building I am designing. I was using the contour tool to have the polygons I have set to be distributed between these polygons at a set distance, but wit the contour tool, the system is way too slow. This distance is 3.5 - 5m which is the desired floors heights. I am thinking of having consecutive tweens using Pufferfish, but I am not sure how to adjust the factor to a set distance of 3.5 - 5m. Any ideas how I could do this with or without pufferfish?

GH (14.3 KB)

Thank you

You could use Contour(Ex) like this.

GH (20.3 KB)

Hello, Thank you for your prompt response! I believe I understand what was used here, but this would mean that I need to input each floor individually on the panel shown there. So if I wanted all floors of the same distance then I would need to input each floor individually. Is there any way to set the range between the points or original polygons and set a distance range of 3.5 - 5? Thank you

Then, Is there a reason not to use Contour?

And check this as well.

GH (23.3 KB)

Yes, my main solution was using Contour, but it takes around 7-10 seconds to solve and Grasshopper crashes.

@HS_Kim Thank you it is incredible how fast it is with that solution. Now I understand what you were able to do with the steps for the factor, but is there any advice you could give to adjust the distances between the polygons between 3.5 and 5m? Thank you for all your help!

Use Tween Through Curves and do (distance from point A to C / floor height)+1 for amount of factors in range.