Orient and transform twisted boxes

Hello everyone,

I am trying to orient the twisted boxes along the direction of the cylinder with the pointy end off the surface looking outwards but I can not get it to work with orient. Is there another way to make it work?


1.gh (18.7 KB)

Transformation components like Orient do not work on Twisted Boxes (Grasshopper left them out :frowning: ) That is why Pufferfish has a Transform Twisted Box component so you can use transforms on them with the X (Transform) outputs of any transformation component (move, scale, rotate, orient, etc.)

As you see though the other issue is the way you make the orient. You are setting the base plane as just World XY, this will cause the mess you see in the above screenshot as Workd XY doesnt relate to your twisted boxes. What I did here below is define an average base plane for each Twisted Box Curve set. If this is not the orientation you are trying to make then you just need to define the base planes to get you the kind of orientation you intend, or if you can expalin what you want as a result I can try and help you define those planes.

Transform Twisted Box.gh (22.4 KB)

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Hello Micheal,

Thanks for trying.

I understand the idea behind it but still having issue achieving what I want.
My aim is to turn the twisted boxes along their axis so when the surface is morphed the small face (highlighted in yellow) to look on the outside, based on the curvature of the circle. Hope my diagram makes sense.

Sure, here is how you can define your planes.

Transform Twisted Box Orient.gh (20.7 KB)

Works great.
Thank you for your time Michael.