Pucker and bulge surface points non uniformly

We are creating a snake and using the “sporph” component to wrap patterns around its surface. In an effort to limit the distortion of the patterns we are wrapping, I used the distances between the lofting curves to make a colored mesh as a distortion map, but using it as a visual guide has proved to be difficult.

I would like to use the colors of the mesh or the distances between the points to actually distort the patterns that flow along the snake’s body, but I am struggling with finding a method for doing so. How would I go about deforming the mesh points so that they match the topology of the snake?

Here is the script simplified into only the necessary components
Simplified remapper.gh (1.4 MB)

Check out the RemeshByColor component in the Kangaroo 2 tab.

Trying this now. Thank you!

I tried using the RemeshByColor and I do not think that it will produce the results I am looking for. I would like a solution that allows me to keep the same numbers of points so that I can draw vectors between them. Is there another plugin I might use to accomplish this?