Compress grid - surface

Hello everybody, I have a really basic question. I made a grid out of a surface (is a circle with a rhombus inside). I don t know how to compress on a specific part this grid. I have read a lot of forms, they talk about distortion but not compression.
I am uploading a picture of a 2d. I would like to do it on Grasshopper.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Hope this helps (13.3 KB)


Another way of achieving this could be to create 2 rectangular surfaces, and adjust the control point spacing on one to create bunched up areas of isocurves, then use ‘Sporph’ to map a pattern from one to the other (11.0 KB)


Thanks a lot!! I have done it. What I see that know if I use an attractor point this “diamonds” inside the circles disappear and circles separated to one another appear.
I don t know if I am going on the right direction, but what I guess that what I need is to create this “diamond” shape in rhino, and somehow link it to the center of the grid. Then maybe following your process I get to the same result and then if I apply the attractor point it will work…
i m starting to youse grasshopper and I guess what I decided to do is not the easiest thing for a beginner jeje.

I don’t think attractor will work in this case, maybe someone have an idea about it or maybe there is a plugin

What makes you say that? It’s not basic at all.

Because it looks so easy! but I can t make it. I am making improvements with the Paneling Tool, but still not getting there

If you want use Paneling Tool try this but you can’t use more than 1 curve (6.8 KB)

Here’s a complicated approach to compress a grid in two directions.

I did this mainly with Kangaroo. The curves are complicated, maybe @DanielPiker has a better suggestion to improve “tangency” and the intersections. (182.1 KB)