Protective mask - yOurItalianMask

I’m glad to present you our protective mask.

yOurItalianMask was made to help in the fight of the actual pandemic.
I worked with an italian company (Italian Gasket) to design and produce this Silicon mask.
In only 6 weeks we started the pre-production of this super light (only 40gr) reusable and anallergic mask.
The food-grade silicon is really safe and can be sanitized into the microwave of hot water.

The 3Dmodel was completely made in Rhino and it is ready for milling.
The general volume is driven by a Grasshoper script that can adapt the shape to a 3DScan and let to control the shape and the technical details like the sealing lip.

Here a couple of rendering made with VrayforRhino.

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Hope you like it.
Stay safe, we’re close to the end of this,