Need Rhino7 freelance modeler for soft-tissue prosthetics

Title says most of it. Work with scanned data, meshes, SubDs, Nurbs, and Rhino 7 mold making tools. Project based.

Sounds interesting. What scanner do you use?


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I may help you.
I’m a designer with experience in both Rhino and prosthetic.
Check my website

Nice, I own a Leo and I’m using Artec Studio 16.

I have experience making two and three part molds. Currently work at an in ear monitor company where we take scans and clean them up to prep for silicone mold creating. What are you trying to do exactly ? Do you want to make molds or just clean up the models ?

i have experience in reverse engineering . i model from pictures ,2D sketch and scanned object

@Evan_Yares I’d be interested to discuss this if the opportunity still exists.

My email: