This small bike helmet was commercialized by RHINO's 3D design. I designed it in 2008

screenshot.2014-10-21 (1) company_img03 company_img02


Hi Nozaki, there is usually someone on this forum asking for real world uses for this software. You are showing some real world uses. Nice work! —Mark


very good work
I feel you have experience in design and conception!

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who was the company who took this to market?
Cool product, very nice clean design!

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Thank you very much. I have been designing and developing jobs in the motorcycle and automotive industry for 43 years. Now that I’m retired, I enjoy 3D modeling as a hobby.

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Designed by a Japanese helmet company. It was a Japanese company that paid me the design fee. The production was done by a Taiwanese company. Sold in the Japanese and European markets. It was the AGV brand in Europe.


Rhino has been using since Ver1.1. I have designed many industrial products in Rhino. I’ll let everyone see it.