proRender: render surface edges not working

Turned on Render surface edges, however this does not seem to work…
same goes for render curves

@Joshua_Kennedy, any ideas here?

I’m seeing this as well. I’ve logged a bug for it and will look at it as soon as possible.

Thank you Joshua!
Furthermore, it would be also cool, if one could just activate SurfaceEdges, without also having to turn on isoCurves. This is also currently not possible in Cycles (@nathanletwory?).

I believe that is something that should be implemented in the post effect. Cycles and ProRender don’t have control over that.

Logged request for that as RH-64239 Control over edges in post effect

Fantastic, thanks a lot !


There is a new version of ProRender available from the PackageManager with this issue resolved. Let me know of any other issues you encounter.



thanks a lot for the updates!
small issue I found:

surface edges do not work properly with parallel view:

Will RH-64239 created by Nathan also be implemented for ProRender?


Post effects are separate from renderers - when implemented it will work for all renderers. That is what I meant to say when I mentioned I logged the issue.

Cool! Thank you

I’m guessing you’re using a Named Views since I cannot reproduce it using the active viewport. I’ve got a fix in. It should be resolved in the next version.

This issue is resolved in the latest version of ProRender. You can get it from the PackageManager.

Any new developments regarding RH-64239 @nathanletwory?


Beyond that it is on the todo list of @andy, no.