proRender: detailed settings

is there any documentation on what exactly all those parameters do?


The various max depth are the ray bounces settings. These work very similarly to Rhino Render (Cycles). I’ve logged a bug for myself to clean up the UI so it’s a bit more clear. The ray offset is a bit hard to describe but it helps remove artifacts from models where precision becomes an issue. In most situations you shouldn’t need to touch this. Texture compression attempts to compress the textures in VRAM to help keep usage low. If you have a model with a lot of textures this may be useful. The baking quality determines the size of baked textures. This mirrors the functionality in Rhino Render.

Let me know if you’re still confused,


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Hi, I’ve grouped together these ray bounces in the render settings in the latest version of ProRender. You can get it from the Package Manager.