Set max reflection bounces via RhinoCommon in default Rhino Renderer


I’m looking for a way to set the maximum bounces used for rendering reflections (default value is 4) in my plugin code.

As of my understanding, the render settings are bound to a document. I need a way to overwrite this setting automatically with my plugin, because my users will load arbitrary CAD files and would have to manually adjust this setting every time. I would like to maximize the workflow for a user in this regard.

I did not find anything in the RhinoDoc.RenderSettings objec, but maybe there is some otherway.

Thank you for your time!

I’m using Rhino 6 by the way (I could not edit the post due to some missing “unhandled” tag…)

There is only access through commands, so you’ll have to use RunScript (see this short guide, too):

-_DocumentProperties _Render _RhinoRenderSettings _ReflectivityBounces 1 _Enter _Enter _Enter should work, but it appears there is currently a bug with the RhinoRenderSettings part of the command implementation, so the reflectivity bounces settings doesn’t seem to stick. Reported as RH-45613.

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I totally forgot about the commands… Too bad there’s a bug, but I will keep it in mind for an implementation in the future when the bug is fixed!


I’ve just committed a fix for this in the 6.x branch. I think that means it will be available in SR 5.

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Indeed. If all goes well probably between May and June.

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