Fastests render settings

Hi guys & gals,

An arbitrary questions in some ways however … I’m wondering who can advise on the fastests rendering settings?

I need a basic shadow representation and some sort of realistic bounce coefficient to give some AO.

I’m hoping to find a silver bullet to speed up my rendering process. (which is not a very high end requirement)

I have tried reducing mapping size of shadows, played around with adding custom light instead of using sunlight, I cant seem to find a way around using the skylight to provide AO. But other than that Im kinda lost at this point.

Hoping someone may have an idea.

P.S. bonus question is how to increase the contrast of the AO

Happy 3Ding people peace!

Rendering with what? There are at least 3 different possibilities of what you’re talking about before even talking about plugins.

If you just want some general “AO” effect you can do that without “rendering,” just in the OpenGL display.

For Rhino Render / Raytraced set under Advanced Render Settings all the different bounces to 2. If you need better glasses and metals you may want to bump max bounces, glossy, transparent and transmission to 4 or 8. Lower numbers means less computation.