CPU/Graphics settings for Rhino 7

thanks for the help Nathan,
do you have an idea how can i check if my settings are ok, for the graphic card or the cpu?!
is anything special needed for version 7 ?!
i have Geforce GTX 1080 that schould be still OK, but in raytraced mode is quite a struggle,
i don`t know if it is normal …
hmmmm or maybe i have to check in generell if the grafic card is properly working …

Is it a 1080 or 1080ti? I frankly consider a 1080ti the minimum for gpu raytracing to actually be practical in the viewport.

There are no settings really, but you need to make sure your divers are up to date.

In the Rendering panel (or document properties under render settings) you can find the advanced rhino render settings.

You can set bounce counts lower to what is still usable for your. Start with say 2 for all, then gradually bump up until you’re happy. Maximum bounces, and diffuse and glossy will be the once you’re most interested in. With glass and gem materials, anything transmissive really, you want to up transparency bounces too. Too few and you’ll get black interiors.

Play with them to find something thhat works for you.

Fewer bounces means less work per pixel.

Add, for fun you could start by setting them all to 0 and see how each of them affect the result.